About us

We are a team of passionate gamers, artists, musicians and programmers aiming to set the new standard for WEB3 games using the latest in blockchain and next-gen game development technology.

Our Team

Adam MacDonald | CEO

Worked on Pixar, Disney, and Nickelodeon games

Michael Xu | Lead Designer

7 years of experience in Unreal, ex. World of Warcraft Modder

Houston Song | Advisor

Game Designer. Web3 Systems/game designer, early Ethereum investor. Self-funded development.

Jacob MacMillan | Lead Developer

Lead Backend and Blockchain Developer

Wesleu Phua

Professional concept artist and art director with experience in AAA and AA game pipelines.

Jake Dunlop

Senior 3D Artist

Frank Yang

Senior 3D Artist

Tuncer Eren

Freelance Concept Artist, Illustrator, 3D Modeler, Animator

Jeronimo Canale

3D Environment/Prop Artist

Leo Li

Jr Environment Artist

Eyþór Hærvarðrsson Pohl

Environment/Lighting Artist

Volodymyr Malaydakh

Environment / Hard Surface / Prop Artist

Artem B

Character Artist


Discord Manager