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Your universe Awaits

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What is Shutdown

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Defence Force

Shutdown is an action-packed journey filled with frequent challenges and rewards. Each challenge will feature a unique, time-limited game mode that will give you the player a unique reward based on your performance. These rewards grant you access to unique characters, items, powerups, and more in the full version of the games!


Defence Force

The IPDF is the central government of mankind.
It is a coalition of pre-war governments and militaries, created with the goal to defend humanity from it’s greatest enemy.


Singularity ai

Mankind’s greatest invention, turns against us as our greatest threat. The AI were originally created in humanity’s image, it seems that they have also adopted our tenet for war.

Early Access Events/Rewards

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Unleash Your Power

Shutdown begins by taking the classic top-down shooter genre and supercharges it with the power of web3. As a player, you'll harness the potential of blockchain, empowering you to truly own your in-game assets and earn real value through skill, dedication, and smart gameplay.

3 Player Co-op

The world of Shutdown is dangerous. Team up with friends to survive and eliminate dangerous foes.

Boundless Customization

Express your individuality through extensive customization options. Tailor your character's weaponry and equipment, making each loadout truly unique. Aquire in game currency, and unlock powerful mods to stand out on the battlefield and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Rewarding Progression

Experience a dynamic progression system that rewards dedication and skill. As you progress through gameplay, you will unlock new weapons, boost your damage output, and enhance your arsenal with powerful upgrades. The path to greatness is paved with hard work, but the rewards are worth it.

TOP DOWNgameplay

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Houston Song


CEO, Game Designer. Web3 Systems/game designer, early Ethereum Investor.

Adam MacDonald

Lead Developer

Worked on Pixar, Nickelodeon, and Disney Games

Michael Xu

Game Developer

7 years of experience in Unreal, ex. World of Warcraft Modder.

Jacob MacMillan


Lead Backend and Blockchain Developer

Meredith Wong

Administrative Assistant

Frank Yang

Senior 3D Artist

Tuncer Eren

Freelance Concept Artist, Illustrator, 3D Modeler, Animator

Jeronimo Canale

3D Environment/Prop Artist

Zsanett Szemes

Texture Artist

Leo Li

Jr Environment Artist

Eyþór Hærvarðrsson Pohl

Environment/Lighting Artist

Volodymyr Malaydakh

Environment / Hard Surface / Prop Artist


Discord Manager

Furkan Yesilyurt

VFX & Lighting Artist

Wesley Phua

Art Director

Professional concept artist and art director with experience in AA and AAA game pipelines.

Jake Dunlop

Senior 3D Artist

Nicholas Arnold


Jamie Bekyarovich

Sound Engineer

József Hamucska

3D Artist



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The Shutdown universe revolves around the $FUSE token

Coming Q3 2024

$FUSE is a multifunctional governance token that plays the role of a reserve currency. $FUSE is used for in-game purchases such as battlepasses, boosts, and minting NFTs, as well as governance for new game modes/features and balancing.

in gameEconomy

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  • Seed Funding Complete
  • Core Combat Mechanics Complete
    Demo @ Eth Denver 2023
  • Demo @ 3XP 2023
    Game Balancing and Optimization
  • Private Testing
  • Marketing partnerships secured

Q4 2023

  • Game Balancing and Optimization
  • Closed Beta Testing

Q1 2024

  • Early Access Events
  • Weapon and Equipment Expansion
  • Community Engagement

Q2 2024

  • Expansive Map Updates
  • Additional Game Modes

Q3 2024

  • Official $FUSE Token Launch
  • Competitive Tournaments & Leagues
  • Progression System Enhancements
  • New Playable Characters

Q4 2024

  • Official PC Game Launch
  • Official Mobile Game Launch

Q1 2025

  • Seasonal Events and Content
  • Further Team Building
  • New Game Modes Introduced


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Yield Guild Games

A pioneer of blockchain gaming, YGG has propelled the growth of a community and revolutionized how we play games. As a guild, we're focused on laying the groundwork for the next generation of games and gamers utilizing the value of web3 technology.

Atesis Capital

Atesis Capital has emerged as the investment arm of Atesis, a successful Australian technology services company delivering business outcomes to large enterprises across the private and public sectors. Having partnered with senior executives and CEOs of established start-ups, our firm provides incubation, strategic guidance and marketing resources to blockchain start-ups.

Bitscale Capital

We invest in teams and solutions that bring transparency and efficiency to our world with cutting-edge technologies. We are on the brink of a huge transformation to a new economy powered by various consensus algorithms and distributed systems. There are a lot of challenges before true innovation is universally adopted.

Infinity Ventures Crypto

We are investors and Entrepreneurs helping define the next generation of Internet startups. Starting from our base in Asia, we help founders reach the world.


Dialectic is a machine that solves cyphers to unlock exceptional value for our members. We have built a unique architecture and a suite of proprietary tools that offer thoughtful risk-adjusted exposure to alternative assets, supported by an extraordinary group of globally distributed crypto-natives.

Magnus Capital

Magnus enables innovators to bring impactful projects to market, empowering brilliant ideas in the global digital economy.

R-930 Capital

R-930 Capital encourages worldwide economic growth, with a particular focus on blockchain and disruptive technology.

Morningstar Ventures

We are a proprietary investment firm specializing in digital assets and blockchain technology. We back ambitious founders.


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